Welcome to the new IFCA website on line as from the 29th June is the new site domain.

The date which we have chosen to go on line is the 29th June, feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, the Pope’s feast.

  • In this way we also renew our commitment to pray for him
  • We are an OUTGOING CA which shares His dream of “a missionary option capable of transforming everything, so that the Church’s customs, ways of doing things, times and schedules, language and structures can be suitably channeled for the evangelization of today’s world rather than for her self-preservation” EG 27
  • We thank Pope Francis for His Teaching to CA following the footsteps of the Popes who came before him exhorting us to live our vocation to the full and in a co-responsible way, in the Church and in society.
  • This year is the 50th anniversary of the Ecumenical Vatican Council II (EVCII), a stage in the history of the Church, where CA had a share in its making, but which has also involved us in the extensive updating of all the Church which is continuing also today, in full faithfulness to the Lord in the III Millennium.

Communication is for IFCA a priority as has been stressed by the participants at the Assembly in IASI in 2012.
The WEBSITE is the most important means of communication between the Secretariat and CA Associations and the traditional CA Media and the new social media. In the site, these converge and flow between memory and the future:
FB FIAC Youth Coordination Twitter Catholicactionf
An International Forum Catholic Action YOU TUBE channel has also been opened

In fact, the WEBSITE is meant to provide updated, timely and effective information about the activities of the Secretariat and of the countries and at the same time makes it possible for anyone to find information about the different stages in IFCA’s life through the activities held as from 1987. The Newsletter as from 1996 is also on line.

Notes on the WEBSITE:

  • The renewed homepage graphic presentation makes direct access to the contents easily possible and we hope that these will prove to be easily identifiable and accessible

Through four main menus, one gains access to four sections which give: IFCA’s identity (Who we are), the activities promoted by the Secretariat (IFCA’s life), CA’s reality in the different member and observer countries divided as per continent (Countries), CA school of sanctity (Witnesses).

  • Different types of news are available: top news which refer to current affairs and priorities; a zoom on the life of the Secretariat and of one or more Countries in the news; a list of the latest news published.

On the right hand side one finds a succession of banners, the thematic channels (not yet working), which facilitates better use of the contents and the presence of IFCA in the social media.

The technical characteristics make access of the site possible even in a mobile version and makes a better sharing with the social media.

  • The website is in four languages (Italian, Spanish, English and French) with easy access from one to the other; not all the texts are available in all the languages. For material translated into other languages, at present in Arabic and Rumanian, use the banner on the side.

For the attention of countries assembled in IFCA
For countries which have a website: the site offers a space where countries can share information about their activities, experiences and priorities. We appeal for suggestions as to how the site could become more interesting and helpful to all, especially Photogallery or significant Videos.
For countries which do not have a website: the site offers the possibility of personalized pages, with the necessary layout, to be used for communicating.

We rely on the participation and generosity of each and everyone for suggestions and contributions

wps_subtitle: is the new site domain.