1 November 2023 All-saints’ Day

We unite in the communion of saints to ask for the gift of peace

IFCA and the CA School of Sanctity Pio XI Foundation invitee to spread this invitation to pray for peace

We propose ONE MINUTE FOR PEACE with all the witnesses of AC, with those whom the Church proposes as examples and with the saints next door, on Wednesday 1 November at 1 pm or at another time of the day, in personal recollection or in community*.

In the flyer the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. In Christ our peace, who died and is risen for us, we ask for the gift of peace for the whole world. We indicate ten witnesses of holiness among the many who have worked for peace by their commitment or by their witness. In each country, in each diocese, in each parish, you can add other witnesses.


  1. Tonino Bello
    Venerable, bishop, president of Pax Christi
  1. Armida Barelli
    Blessed, promotes a culture of peace among the CA young women
  1. Maria Felicia Guggiari Echevarria, Chiquitunga 
    Blessed, Carmelite nun, points to prayer as the root of peace
  1. Anacleto Gonzales Flores 
    Blessed, family father, the “Mexican Gandhi” in the Cristero conflict
  1. Giuseppe Toniolo
    Blessed, professor, anticipates and promotes international law for peace in conflict resolution
  1. Pilar Bellosillo
    Witness, participates in Ecumenical Council II, promotes the contribution of women for peace and solidarity
  1. Pier Giorgio Frassati
    Blessed, young, on the way with the poor for a society of peace
  1. Giorgio La Pira
    Venerable, mayor of Florence, prophet of peace through meeting the people in charge of nations in conflict
  1. Eduardo F. Pironio
    Venerable, cardinal, pastor of a church people of God with a spirituality of peace
  1. Annalena Tonelli
    Witness, lay volunteer, faithful to peace even to martyrdom in Somalia

*we appeal to Mary with Pope Francis’ prayer on Friday 27 October

and with his words at the Angelus on 29 October 

I thank all those who — in so many places and in various ways – united themselves to the day of fasting, prayer and penance that we lived last Friday, imploring peace for the world. Let us not stop. Let us continue to pray for Ukraine, as well as for the serious situation in Palestine and Israel, and for other regions at war. Particularly, in Gaza, may space be opened to guarantee humanitarian aid, and may the hostages be released right away. Let no one abandon the possibility that the weapons might be silenced – let there be a ceasefire. Father Ibrahim Faltas, whom I heard recently on the programme A Sua Immagine, Father Ibrahim was saying: “Let the arms cease! Let the arms cease!” He is the vicar of the Holy Land. With Father Ibrahim, let us too say: let the arms cease. Stop, brothers and sisters! war is always a defeat – always!

From Jerusalem the testimony of Fr. Ibrahim Faltas ofm

We unite in the communion of saints to ask for the gift of peace