Youth in the light of Christus Vivit

Publication edited by IFCA Youth Coordination

The International Forum of Catholic Action (IFCA), thanks to the work done by its international youth coordination, offers all the youth of the world this didactic material for working with groups and teams in parishes and ecclesial communities, so that we may deepen all the possibilities offered by Chritus Vivit.

We invite all young Christians, men and women of the world, to savour Christus Vivit as a deepening, as an effective instrument, as an evangelizing compass to transform our hearts and those of other young people according to the Good News of Jesus of
Dream… Create… Be ambitious and passionate!
The Church needs you and expects great things from each and every one of you: “You are the now of God”, never forget that.

The date of this text is July 4, 2020.
This date is particularly dear to us because it is the liturgical memory of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati who returned to the house of the Father on the 4th of July, 1925 and was beatified on the 20th of May 1990. Pope Francis included him in the list of witnesses in CV 60: “was a young man filled with a joy that swept everything along with it, a joy that also overcame many difficulties in his life”. He said he wanted to return the love of Jesus that he received in Holy Communion by visiting and helping the poor”.
Pier Giorgio had the great passion of friendship; we hope that this text will also help us to nourish the same passion of friendship.
We thank Fran Ramirez Mora, Jóvenes Acción Católica General Spain, and Jorge Arrieta, Jóvenes Acción Católica Argentina, who coordinated this work.

International Forum of Catholic Action
Youth Coordination
Michele Tridente, Luisa Alfarano and
Rafael Corso, Secretariat Coordinator.


• A dynamic material
This document is designed for young people, groups of young people who wish to enter into the adventure of reflecting on their vocation and their missionary discipleship as young Christians, both outside and inside the Church, in the light of Christus Vivit.
It contains visual and musical resources to energise all the chapters, thus achieving a greater result in each one of them.

• Dynamics of each chapter
Each chapter corresponds to its counterpart in the exhortation, having the following simple structure:
It offers a simple and summarized proposal of the contents of the chapter, avoiding a theoretical exhibition and focusing on a visual and attractive proposal.

Resources of the theme
We offer some musical and visual proposals to energize the chapter with the youth's own resources, using examples of young people trying to bring to their lives some aspect of what was discussed in the chapter.
‘You are the NOW of God’ consists of:

Pastoral tools through videos and testimonies about young people living in line with what is discussed in each chapter.

Music resources, for meetings, in English and Spanish.
Meeting in groups: This is the moment where we deepen our reflection on the chapter, proposing a group meeting, accessible and close, with questions. We will use, for this purpose, the dynamic of the revision of life: See, Judge and Act, or as Francis has renamed it:
Recognise, Interpret and Choose.
The aim of this part is to seek dialogue and reflection on the lives of young people, inviting them to listen to the calls of God and to know how to respond with concrete commitments in their lives, seeking to transform their environments and society in

You… are the Now of God

ACT – Be (a) missionary: This is the last part of the chapter, where we invite the group of young people to take a group commitment in a missionary key.
Young people must change the world "by walking together".

• Invitation to collaboration
This text is a dynamic tool, it is the first version, dated July 4, online.
We are waiting for your comments, your criticisms, and your suggestions for a next version or even for later versions that could deal with one or more chapters of CV.



Publication edited by IFCA Youth Coordination