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For a history of Catholic Action in the world

Last update: 11 April 2024


(…) We are willing to remember with gratitude whom preceded us in the adventure of evangelisation, in the development of a mature and committed laity in the Church and in society, which has been incarnated in the different realities of the world and at the same time to discover, through the events, facts and data, the essential, the paths of hope that are contributions for the decisions of the present and for the construction of the future.

The IFCA is a space for the meeting and solidarity of the CAs and in this context we are willing to continue to discover history in order to rediscover what we have in common. (…)
from the Introduction to the Historical Seminar 6 March 2013  “For a History of Catholic Action in the world”
National President CA  Argentina – IFCA Secretariat Coordinator (2008-2017)

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