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IFCA meetings on line in time of the pandemic (2020-2022)

What we do

Last update: 11 April 2024


We are proposing these opportunities of meeting addressed to everyone, to CA members, to heads of international bodies, asking everyone to share the invitation.

The words of Pope Francis on 27 March 2020 have entered our hearts.
And as the pandemic spread we wondered how to translate this reflection of the Pope, especially when he says:  “Embracing his cross means … finding the courage to create spaces where everyone can recognize that they are called, and to allow new forms of hospitality, fraternity and solidarity. By his cross we have been saved in order to embrace hope and let it strengthen and sustain all measures and all possible avenues for helping us protect ourselves and others. Embracing the Lord in order to embrace hope: that is the strength of faith, which frees us from fear and gives us hope“.

These meetings, with simplicity and also with many limits, intend:

  • to offer a space for prayer, formation and deepening;
  • to foster mutual knowledge and strengthen the bonds of friendship and solidarity characteristic of the associative choice,
  • to feed hope and fraternity with all and for all


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