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You are the “now” of God (Christus Vivit)

What we do

Last update: 11 April 2024


We are accompanied by a very dear friend of ours, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.

Catholic Action addresses people of all ages and conditions of life. Attention to young people is a choice that is part of the attention that the Church, with a specific pastoral care for young people, and John Paul II, with the institution of World Youth Day, have strongly emphasised in a perspective that is both educational and the future of the Church. A non-exclusive choice, therefore, but one that refers to a corresponding care for children and the responsibility of adults for living and mature Christian communities with the participation of all.

The Youth Coordination, set up in 2005 during the World Youth Day in Cologne, promoted as its first initiative an International pilgrimage to the Holy Land from 28 December 2007 to 6 January 2008.

In Rome from 13 to 18 March 2009, the national responsible persons for Youth from the different IFCA member countries met for the first time, initiating a link that saw them as protagonists in all the moments of IFCA’s life.

The Youth Coordination Group commits itself to:

  • keep a “routine” link among CA youth in the various countries;
  • encourage CA youth participation in the life of the universal and continental Church (particularly in Fora and World Youth Days);
  • support the participation of youth in all IFCA initiatives;
  • promote activities for and with young people.


IFCA Youth Coordination responsibles

2021-2026 ITALY
Emanuela Gitto and Lorenzo Zardi

2017-2021 – ITALY
Luisa Alfarano e Michele Tridente

2012-2017 – ROMANIA
Codruta Fernea

2008-2012 – ITALY
Chiara Finocchietti

2005-2008 – ROMANIA
Oana Tuduce


youth activities

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