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Rome - On line, 27 November 2022

8th Assembly

Catholic Action: Passion for a renewed humanity in Christ. During the Synod - in a woiunded world - with and for everyone

What we do

Last update: 6 February 2024



7th to 8th Assembly: Verification 2017-2022 (slides)
Maria Grazia TIBALDI – IFCA Secretary

Presentation of Regulatory Document ad experimentum amendment and vote (ES)
Modifications ad experimentum (it-en-fr-es)
Rafael CORSO

The service of FIAC 2022 – 2026
Summary of PROPOSALS from the continents and Coordination by age and Assistants
Children Coordination – Jorge Marcelo Veliz (Tuto)
Youth Coordination – Emanuela Gitto – Lorenzo Zardi
Adults Coordination – Angelines Morales

Statutary moment
ELECTION of the Secretariat 2022-2026
Member Countries

Participating Countries

Candidate Countries
The secret ballot took place using an online programme: each President was reached by computer ballot and everything went smoothly. We thank Gianni Rotondo, IFCA administrator, who organised this important moment in the life of Catholic Action and IFCA

Countries of the Secretariat 2022-2026
Argentina, Burundi, Italy (ex officio members)
Philippines, Mexico, Senegal and Spain (representing the four continents)


Countries of Ifca Secretariat 2022-2026

  • Argentina
  • Burundi
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Senegal
  • Spain


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