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Rome - On line 26/27 November 2021

30th anniversary of the International Forum of CA 1991-2021

Catholic Action Catholic Passion

What we do

Last update: 11 March 2024


Participating countries

1. Albania 2. Bulgaria 3. France 4. Ireland (UO) 5. Italy 6. Malta 7. Portugal 8. Romania 9. Spain 10. Switzerland

1 Burundi 2. Cameroon 3 Ivory Coast 4 Kenya 5 Rwanda 6 Nigeria 7 Democratic Republic of Congo 8 Senegal 9 Uganda

1. Philippines 2. India 3. Lebanon 4. Myanmar 5. Palestine

1. Argentina 2. Canada 3. Colombia 4. Costa Rica 5. Ecuador 6. Guademala 7. Mexico 8. Nicaragua 9. Paraguay 10. Peru 11. Uruguay 12. USA 13. Venezuela

1. Australia (WUCWO)

I want to ask three things from you:
– That the forum may very strongly feel the urgency of working for fraternity and social friendship, the only way to rebuild our wounded world.
– That the forum may instill, in the hearts of all authentic Christians, a spirituality based on a desire for holiness and on the understanding that holiness begins with the Beatitudes and materializes with Matthew 25; loving and working for our brethren who are suffering most.
– May the spirit, which animates all your projects and work, be that of being an outgoing Church, which lives the sweet and comforting joy of evangelizing; and let this be known to all.
Pope Francis, Letter to IFCA 9.11.2021

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