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October, 21 2023

Katholischen Aktion Österreich: 183 continuous hours for the climate

"183 hours non-stop for the climate" from 21 October 2023 at 6 a.m. in front of the Austrian Parliament in Vienna


Last update: 7 November 2023


Katholische Aktion Österreich beteiligt sich an Klima-Aktion “183 Stunden”

Agenzia Sir 25.10.2023 (Italian)

The initiative “183 continuous hours for climate”, supported by Catholic Action Austria (KaÖ) is calling on Austrian MPs to decide on effective measures against climate change. “Austria needs a binding law on climate protection now,” the initiators and supporters of the campaign stressed yesterday at a press conference in front of the parliament in Vienna. The appeal to politicians says: ‘You are elected by the people to make good decisions for everyone. You all know that we are heading for a global climate catastrophe’.

The earth can no longer tolerate the usual way of life, the message says. “We therefore urge you to accept the demands of ‘Fridays For Future’ and convene a climate disaster summit and, as called for by ‘Last Generation’ and many other climate protection initiatives, to finally listen to the science and recommendations of the Climate Council,” reads the appeal sent by KaÖ to the National Council. The representatives of the campaign are showing perseverance: from last Saturday at 6 a.m. until next Saturday at 9 p.m. they will hold a garrison in front of the parliament for 183 hours and will contact all 183 MPs during this time. Some MPs have already reacted, others have refused, but a response from the majority is still awaited, reported Martin Brait, one of the initiators.

KaÖ president Ferdinand Kaineder told a press conference that the hesitation of Austrian politicians regarding wide-ranging climate protection reminded him of the debate before the non-smoking protection law comes into force in 2019. “There are those who insist that appeals and incentives would be enough to at least partially achieve smoking cessation. In the end, however, only the ban on smoking in certain environments and situations achieved the goal.” As far as climate protection is concerned, ‘we cannot continue as before’, Kaineder emphasised. ‘Legal requirements and framework conditions are needed’.

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