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Towards 8 June 2025 (Year of the Jubilee). Every day of the month and especially on the 8th


In prayer with Mary Queen of the Human Family, Queen of Peace, every day of the month and especially on the 8th

What we do

Last update: 9 July 2024


Last 8 June, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of One Minute for Peace, Pope Francis commemorated the initiative with a tweet, reminding us to stop “to pray at least #OneMinuteForPeace, asking the Immaculate Heart of Mary to intercede for us before Jesus. Let us #PrayTogether: ‘Queen of the human family, show your people the path of fraternity. Queen of peace, obtain peace for our world.’”

We want to continue offering “at least OneMinuteForPeace on the 8th of each month” towards 8 June 2025, Pentecost Sunday, with our witnesses of peace, commemorating many countries in conflict.

8 June 2025, Pentecost Sunday in the Holy Year, will be the Jubilee of the Associations and Movements in which we hope to participate as the IFCA secretariat with all the CAs who can organise their pilgrimage to Rome.

A prayer with Mary, a personal prayer, in the family, in the parish, in the group, involving other friends and subjects, with the Rosary, with adoration and silence, with the invocation to the peace of 2014 that Pope Francis renewed in 2024.

WHY THIS PROPOSAL?  Emilio Inzaurraga


We invite you to creatively include in your agenda AT LEAST ONE MINUTE FOR PEACE ON THE WAY TO FRATERNITY. As Secretariat we will put some simple inputs as reminders on the website and social media of UMPP (FB –IG) and IFCA (FBIGX).

We start with the dates 2024

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