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19 March 2023

Invitation to the prayer to Saint Joseph in this time of the coronavirus

St. Joseph IFCA’s patron

19 March. St. Joseph

Last update: 1 December 2023


During the life, at work, in the family, in joy and in pain Saint Joseph has always sought and loved the Lord, deserving the praise of Scripture as a just and wise man. Let’s pray him with confidence, especially in difficult moments and entrust our life to this great Saint.

I agree with the Italian Bishops who in this health emergency promoted a moment of prayer for the whole country. Every family, every faithful, every religious community: all spiritually united invited to pray the Rosary, with the Mysteries of the light (today 19.3) at 9 pm. I will accompany you from here. Mary, Mother of God, health of the sick, leads us to the luminous and transfigured face of Jesus Christ and to his Heart. To her we turn with the prayer of the Rosary, under the loving look of St. Joseph, Custos of the Holy Family and our families. And we ask him to take special care of our family, of all families, especially for the sick and for the people who are taking care of the sick: the doctors, nurses, volunteers, who risk their lives in this service.
(from the Catechesis of Pope Francis 18.3.2020)

* Custos of the Holy Family and of families
Beginning of the Petrine Ministry of the Bishop of Rome 19.03.2013
and patron of IFCA

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