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Holy Land and Middle East

Observer Country

Last update: 12 April 2024


All the CAs of the world maintain friendship with the Church in the Holy Land and the Middle East through prayer and works. With our commitment we intend to

TO ALWAYS FEED our love for Jerusalem and for the Holy Land where Jesus became incarnate, died, and rose again, where the Church was born and the Gospel spread with the apostles and the first disciples, men and women, where our roots are

TO GIVE VOICE to the Church and to Christians who maintain the faith and holy places, a minority that is in our hearts, especially in times of suffering

TO WALK with the laity, with YOUTH, with the associations and movements of the Latin Patriarchate

TO PROMOTE pilgrimages that can be national diocesan associative and also personal, in collaboration with the Commissaries of the Custody of the Holy Land in our countries

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