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The most recent speeches of Pope Francis

Last update: 10 April 2024


 To the children of Italian Catholic Action (ACR) 15.12.2023

“Thank you for this visit. Thank you for singing so joyfully. And thank you for your work. Do not lose your enthusiasm, do not lose your mystique. I wrote an address that I will not read now. You can take it with you. I will give it to you, to distribute. It is for you.

And thank you very much! Do not lose your joy. Now I would like to greet each one of you. But first, let us pray a little and ask for the blessing.”

Dear Pope Francis… (Italian)

Pope: May the killing of children touch the hearts of those who can stop war
Meeting some 70 boys and girls of the Italian Catholic Action Pope Francis turns his thoughts to the children suffering war in Gaza, Ukraine and Yemen and reminds them that the gift of God’s love at Christmas invites us to love Him, the others and also His creation.
Vatican News (SpanishItalian – French)

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