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Grottaferrata •Rome, 7-13 August 2018

“To everyone, without exception” Catholic Action Youth contributing to local communities

OWLS. Second Meeting

Last update: 24 April 2024


In preparation for the 15th ORDINARY GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE BISHOPS SYNODOX (3-28 October), FIAC Youth Coordination promoted a series of meetings with the OWLS/ Erasmus+ project.

The first stage took place in Rome in February 2018, the second took place from 7 to 13 August in Grottaferrata (Rome), attended by 60 young people from 9 countries: Malta, Romania, Italy, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Poland, Albania and Spain. The theme of the meeting “Towards all, without exception. The contribution of AC youth in local communities’.

The participants shared the experience of the National Meeting of young people from all Italian dioceses with Pope Francis (Rome 11-12 August 2018).

At the Angelus on 12 August 2018 Pope Francis quoted St. Alberto Hurtado “It is good not to do evil, but it is bad not to do good” explaining that “…it is not enough not to do evil to be a good Christian”.

The third stage of the OWLS project will be held in Rome during the first days of the Synod (2-7 October).

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