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Dear Pope Francis. Since 2013 we continue to walk with you and praying for you

13-19 March 2013-2023

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Last update: 8 April 2024


Dear Pope Francis:

We join in the thanksgiving of the whole Church because God, in these moments of crossroads sometimes so dark, has given us a shepherd with the smell of sheep.

Thank you, because for 10 years, you have been inviting us to make trouble, to be a Church committed to the existential peripheries of life by loving our brothers and sisters in need, to commit ourselves to the care of the common home with the holiness of the small gesture of each day that makes us live the so desired fraternity.

Thank you for your magisterium full of gestures in the simple style of Jesus, which show us that faith is revolutionary when we allow the tenderness of the Father to embrace our lives with mercy.

Thank you for loving the Church so much and for working against all obstacles to make her really an open-hearted mother where the men and women of our time find a place to continue to hope.

Thank you for your strong determination to fight against the injustice from outside that causes so many deaths and discarded people and for the injustice in our own house, the Church, that causes so many scandals and disfigures its true face.

Thank you for valuing the small, forgotten and hidden gestures that so many men and women make, so that the kingdom becomes a reality and not an illusion.

Thank you for your Samaritan shepherding that has put the world on its shoulders and has the desire and the courage to want to change the course of history.

We thank you in a special way as Catholic Action for your fatherly closeness, opening new horizons for us, pushing us to be in and with the Church a Catholic Action on the move, attentive to the voice of God heard in the cries of our brothers and sisters, in the open intimacy of prayer and in the signs of the times.

We still have a long way to go, we still need to assimilate your teaching and make it flesh in our structures so that we can dream to the rhythm of your dream and walk together.

Thank you for your words at every special moment of our institutional life that encourage us and mark out safe routes for us to live together and every day the sweet and comforting joy of evangelising.

Trust in our prayers; we entrust ourselves to yours.

Eva Fernández Mateo (Coordinator of the Secretariat)

+ Eduardo Horacio García (Ecclesiastical Assistant)

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