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Why a new site?

from 10 April 2024


Last update: 15 May 2024


With the new site (which updates the site started in 2004, updated a first time in 2015) the IFCA wishes to continue to tell Catholic Action today and the path of the International Forum of Catholic Action born more than 30 years ago, with the encouragement of Blessed Eduardo F. Pironio, then President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity (now the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life).

The site promotes knowledge of Catholic Action, with its essential characteristics rooted in the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, with a specific section.

IN HIGHLIGHT the activities carried out in the member and observer countries of IFCA with a prominent space to give voice to the living realities of Catholic Action with a commitment to develop the work of the continental coordinations (Africa, America, Asia, Europe Mediterranean), of the age coordinations (youth, adults, children) and for the assistants.

As of 10 April 2024, the new website of the International Forum of Catholic Action will be online at the institutional address

English is the main language chosen to facilitate the consultation of contents in the various continents.

The Italian, Spanish and French versions of the site will be available through the GTranslate professional system. Official documents translated in the past years into various languages will be available in pdf format.

The new site is proceeding online IN PROGRESS, while the work to transfer it from the old site is still in progress.

The old site will remain available at until the transfer of contents is completed. In some sections of the new site you will find the link to the corresponding section on the old site.

All the site contents are easily accessible thanks to a simplified structure and more immediate graphics. Consultation is channelled through six main menus: About us, Where we are, What we do, Resources, Latest News, Contact. In the header remains the invitation to pray for Pope Francis, and the invitation to support IFCA’s initiatives. In the footer are some institutional links.

The ‘Save the date’ calendar indicates some DAYS: 8 June One minute for peace, 1 November All Saints’ Day in collaboration with the CA  School of Holiness PIO XI Foundation are days promoted directly by IFCA. During the year IFCA invitese to participate in many other days that national and diocesan IFCAs support, e.g. 1 January World Day of Peace, 8 February against human trafficking, Good Friday Collect for the Holy Land, 1 September – 4 October Time for Creation.  All days are an opportunity to meet and collaborate with other ecclesial and local associations.

We ask you to help us spread the updated site and to collaborate by sending news, observations, suggestions. THANK YOU

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