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Vatican City, 27 November 2022

It is active listening that gives our work rhythm

Message of Pope Francis to the International Forum Of Catholic Action

Last update: 20 March 2024


The Holy Father Francis greeted the responsible members of the Secretary 2017-2022 in front of Santa Marta.

During the Angelus 27.11.22 the greeting to the IFCA Secretariat

I greet the secretariat of the FIAC (International Forum of Catholic Action), gathered in Rome on the occasion of the Eighth Assembly“.

SUNDAY 27.11 when the work was completed, at 6pm, the Vatican press room released the message the Pope addressed to FIAC.

After the election of the new authorities for the International Forum of Catholic Action, I congratulate those who have accepted the task of leading it for this next period, which continues the journey that began more than 30 years ago. In that moment, Venerable Cardinal Eduardo Pironio sensed the need to create this forum so that the life of Catholic Action would contribute to the challenge of the new evangelization, enriched by the uniqueness of each place and culture. Many steadily accompanied that insight and put forth their own skills and the desire to proclaim the Gospel in that service, despite the difficulties of their own time, as they did not have the means of communication and access between countries that exist today…”


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