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Vatican City, 2016-2023


Pope Francis: "Thanks to the international Catholic Action that promotes this initiative"

Last update: 20 March 2024



General Audience 7 June
«Tomorrow, at 1 p.m., Catholic Action International suggests that believers of various denominations and religions gather in prayer, dedicating ‘One Minute for Peace.’ Let us accept this invitation, praying for an end to the wars in the world and especially for the dear and tormented Ukraine.»


Tweet 8 June

“The day after tomorrow, Tuesday, 8 June, at 1:00 p.m., International Catholic Action is calling for the dedication of one minute for peace, each according to his or her own religious tradition. Let us pray in particular for the Holy Land and for Myanmar.”


June 8th 

“And now, I would like to anticipate by twenty-five minutes – later, if you want, you can do it yourselves – but together with you I would like to anticipate by twenty-five minutes the act that the entire Church carries out today: a minute of silence for peace. Why? Because today is the anniversary, the fifth anniversary, of the meeting here in the Vatican between the Presidents of the State of Palestine and the State of Israel. We prayed together for peace, and throughout the world today at thirteen hours, there will be a moment of silence. Let’s do it now, before the blessing, all together, standing.

To participants in the international Conference of Leaders of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Service – Charis


June 5th General Audience

“Saturday, June 8, will be the fifth anniversary of the meeting of the Israel and Palestinian Presidents with me and Patriarch Bartholomew here in the Vatican. At 1 p.m. we are invited to dedicate ‘a minute to peace’ – of prayer, for believers, of reflection, for those who do not believe -: all together for a more fraternal world. Thanks to the international Catholic Action that promotes this initiative.”


During the General Audience of 8 June 2016, the Holy Father addressed “a special greeting to Italian Catholic Action, which today is relaunching the prayer experience One Minute for Peace, culminating in the Eucharistic Celebration in the Basilica of Santo Spirito in Sassia”.

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