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Let’s pray for peace!

Last update: 7 May 2024


Let us continue to pray intensively for peace at this time when the situation is increasingly difficult to nourish the hope for peace in the Middle East, in Ukraine and wherever peoples are suffering from war.


“No-one should threaten the existence of others. May all the nations instead take the side of peace, and help Israelis and Palestinians live in two States, side by side, in safety. It is their deep and legitimate desire, and it is their right! Two neighbouring States.

Let there be a ceasefire in Gaza soon, and let us pursue the paths of negotiation, with determination.”

Regina Caeli, 14.04.2024

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    For Holy Land, Myanmar & for all over the world. Tuesday 8 June at 1.00 p.m., stop, bow your head and pray for peace everyone according to his own tradition